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Looking for Real

Your Coach: Laurel House
PrioriDating Founder

Do you know why you're not satisfied?
Because  you don't have what you want most. 
It's time to start PrioriDating

PrioriDating is about Confidently Unapologetically Vulnerably dating based on the ONE most important PRIORITY that you must have in a relationship. Your one most important thing might be to feel Safe- physical, emotional, financial safety. It might be feeling Cared For, or Romance, or a Partner, or Fun, or Friendship, or Adventure, or Family. Whatever your one priority is, you must align with it. Your conversations, associations, thoughts, actions, attitude must all align with your one Priority. In order to do that, you will frequently be checking in with yourself. This is where "Mindful Dating" comes in. You will constantly be mindful of your Priority. How you treat yourself must align with your priority so that you get to feel comfortable with feeling that feeling. And with that priority-driven awareness, you must make the decision to be confident and unapologetic about your priority and what it takes to obtain it- including how you treat yourself, first.

Laurel will help you determine and become your Priority, then own it, show it, and live it.

And once you start PrioriDating, you Will become the Priority, and you Will find REAL.

Real Happiness
Real Love
Real Connection
Real Success
Real Confidence
Real Relationships
Real Friends

Finding "real" is all about the creation of rooted connection. Laurel believes in the 3 C's:
Communication creates Clarity creates Confidence.


When you communicate who you are, what you need, and how you feel,  you are allowing for clarity, which creates confidence in yourself and your connection. 



Laurel will challenge you to be honest and find clarity around who you are and what you truly need to be happy. Then communicate your needs, priorities, and preferences with others.

By learning and practicing more present and confidently vulnerable  communication, you will create deeper, more connected, resilient, enduring relationships.

Laurel is a Confidence and Relationship Coach

Laurel is the expert in all things "relationships." At least that's how she was introduced during one of her many television appearances on Good Morning America on abc. Relationships that you're developing as a DATER, relationships that you're in within a MARRIAGE or PARTNERSHIP, BUSINESS relationships, FRIENDSHIPS, and most importantly- the RELATIONSHIP WITH YOUR SELF.

When you hire Laurel as your coach, she will empower you, inspire you, reinvigorate you, challenge you, encourage you, push you, teach you how to communicate who you are and what you need, and embody your best self. Whether you are in need of confidence, direction, focus, and improvement in Love, Relationships, Dating, Business, Friendships, or with your self, Laurel will help you. 


Single? Laurel has worked with thousands of singles, teaching them her strategy to find, attract, and keep love.

You’ll learn about the three purposes of dating — and identify which one you actually want and which one you may have accidentally been expressing.

You will pinpoint (and learn to stop!) the behaviors that are keeping you single and confused.


You will learn how to flirt, effectively communicate, You will learn how to show and tell what you want, what you expect, and what you can't accept from the first date into the rest of the relationship.

You will learn how to maintain a healthy relationship once you find your match. 
Because it's time to stop looking for real, and finally find your forever.

It's time to realign your Priorities.

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Laurel House is a 5x published author, International Celebrity Dating, Relationship, Happiness, and Empowerment Coach, Relationship Expert for eharmony, and host of “The Man Whisperer” podcast. She is direct, focused, passionate, strong, and feminine. Her no-games approach focuses on authenticity and confident vulnerability without fear, apology, or insecurity. Laurel teaches a strategy that puts her clients on purpose to own and show their worth, communicate their needs, and become all that they want to be.

Contact Laurel to inquire about hiring her as your coach.
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